December 2020 Newsletter


The faculty of Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, St. Catharines, offer these biblical reflections to encourage confidence in God’s goodness and faithfulness to Christ’s mandates as the Church reconvenes for public worship.

     The LCMS is in altar and pulpit fellowship with these Canadian Lutherans above—thanks be to God. This is probably the best seminary in the world, with our LCMS seminaries coming is second and third places. 

    As you know, I, like many LCMS pastors, have been trying to navigate faithfully in response to the Covid questions. I have and will continue to provide resources and guidance. I appreciate your grace and patience.

I hope you read the article linked above, as I haven’t seen anything this helpful to date. As to say, these seminary professors have bigger brains than I, so I am grateful for their deeply theological guidance. (In my opinion, there has been very little guidance from our LCMS seminaries and synod that I have seen that I would classify as “deeply theological.” Here is the LCMS link to resources: To be fair, maybe I have missed an article or study, but I haven’t found anything very helpful or “deeply theological.”)

I pray these words bring you comfort and joy,


P.S. Since this is a longer read, and I have included many articles at the end of the newsletter, this will substitute for my regular article this month. 


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To God be the Glory!


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