True Lutheran (Christian) worship is about what Jesus comes to do for us, which is why our services are often referred to as Divine Services. The Divine, Jesus, comes to us in His Word and Sacraments, taught and administered by our Divinely Called pastor, to serve us forgiveness, life, and salvation for the sake of His life, death, and resurrection. Through these gifts The Holy Spirit creates and sustains our faith, which produces good works for our neighbors. In fact, faith in Christ, not outward forms, is true worship. We believe that we are declared righteous by God by grace alone, through faith alone, for the sake of Jesus alone, found in Scripture alone.

To that end, we use the Lutheran Service Book by Concordia Publishing House for our liturgy and hymnody, chiefly Divine Service, setting three. For more information about the liturgy and the parts of the service click here. During Advent and Lent, we also offer Wednesday Vespers services at 7:00 p.m. We also observe Holy week and other festivals, feasts, and occasions. We also have a choir for children and adults.

What about infants and young children in worship?

Jesus says, “Let the infants and little children come to me.” We believe, as Scripture teaches, that babies need and can have faith, which receives the forgiveness of sins. That’s why we baptize them. Faith is created and nurtured by God’s Word from cradle to grave. Jesus wants you and your children in worship with Him. Yes, children can be noisy, but that’s okay. I’m sure when Jesus preached to and fed the 5,000 men, plus women and children, there was noise too. Yes, the church is a reverent place, but never stuffy and unwelcoming. It takes time to train and teach children how to follow along in the service. So, don’t fret about it, just bring your children to Jesus. We also have available Children’s bulletins that help the K-6th ages follow along with the service.

Never heard of Divine Service, liturgy, or sacraments?

That’s okay, we are here to teach the one, holy, Christian, and apostolic faith. Consider visiting, talking with our pastor, or taking a class of instruction (catechesis).