We warmly welcome and invite all visitors, infants through adults, to come and hear the wonderful Gospel of Christ proclaimed and to enjoy our liturgy and hymnody. However, Scripture teaches that we cannot invite everyone to the Lord’s Table to eat the true body and blood of Christ under the bread and wine. Along with the Christian Church of all times and in accordance with Scripture, we at St. John practice Closed Communion. This means we normally commune only active communicant members of St. John in good standing and those guests who are active communicant members in good standing of another Lutheran congregation in our fellowship (In the United States, that means typically, The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod). We also, in accordance with Scripture, don’t commune infants or young children who haven’t been instructed in the faith. We do ask ALL GUESTS to talk to our pastor before coming up for communion, either by phone, email, or at least 10 min. before the worship service begins.

If you would like to learn more about the doctrine and practice of Holy Communion, or about anything else that Lutherans believe, teach and confess, please contact Pastor Stark during the week. You may also read about Closed Communion and Liturgical Worship on our Resources page. Closed Communion is a loving and Biblical practice and is not elitist. It is our hope, and the hope of Christ, that divisions cease and that we can all enjoy communion fellowship together.

We currently offer Holy Communion every Sunday and on other festivals in both common and individual cups.