Ongoing Pastoral Care Invitation

Greetings, in the Name Christ our King!

     This newsletter is a slightly modified invitation that I extended after I was installed, for the benefit of our many new members as well as members who haven’t had the chance to sit down individually or as a family to chat with me. It is hard for me to believe that it has been three years since I was installed as your pastor!

     I know it takes time to get to know a new pastor and vice versa, but I would like to continue to help that process along if you so desire. It used to be that pastors would just stop by your house unannounced to visit with you about spiritual things whether you wanted to or not regardless of what you were in the middle of. This may still work in small towns today, but for the most part times have changed—busier schedules, gated communities and our culture isn’t just a “stop by anytime” one anymore, etc. I do still make general house calls, but prefer that they are scheduled so that I know you are home (I get tired of hiding out in your bushes—that’s a joke)— and I never want to force anyone to talk. Just know that I want to know all of you better, as it helps me care for you better.

     If you haven’t initiated a time or times outside of the busy Sunday morning interaction to sit down with me (at your home or in my study) individually or with your family, like many have, and would like to, please schedule one with me. Again, the more a pastor knows about the unique situations and history of his sheep, the better he can care for them. I don’t expect these general visits to last more than an hour as they are not a social visit, but a time for me to learn about your life, much like when talking with your physical doctor. I extend this invitation to you in the spirit of the Gospel and not the Law. If you don’t want to sit down with me at this time, I won’t think any more or less of you; I am here if you ever change your mind. Again, it has been enjoyable serving here these 3 years; thank you for your prayers and support.

In Christ, Pastor


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