SJLC Gun Club – Fellowship and Firearms!

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Another great day outdoors in God’s creation this past Sunday. Thanks to Lloyd for teaching some holster technique. Congrats to William on his first time out at the range with family and friends ūüôā


Coming Soon!!!¬†– “THE LUTHERAN SHOWDOWN” – SJLC vs. Immanuel LCMS of Fairview!¬†

Come join us for an afternoon of fellowship and friendly competition, Sunday, September 17, at 2:30pm at Mission 160 Range in Whitewright.  The afternoon will begin with a safety briefing, followed by free time to warm up, and then a course of Steel Challenge stages.  Prizes will be awarded for the overall winner and the winning team.  

Bring $30 per person to cover range fees, and provide water and prizes. Excess funds will be donated in the winning church’s name to LCMS World Relief to support¬†Hurricane Harvey¬†victims. ¬†Each participant must sign a waiver prior to being allowed to shoot. Participants under 18 must have a parent/guardian present.
Teams limited to 12 participants each.  If you have one, bring an outside-the-waistband holster and a  reliable 9mm (or larger) caliber handgun and 2 or more magazines. Revolvers are not recommended, as each stage involves five targets. Please bring ammunition to share. Mission 160 is a private range located at 6040 Highway 160 in Whitewright. 





Thanks to Loyd and everyone for a great day at the range…

COME JOIN US!!!¬†Contact Mike Troncali for more information by clicking¬†here¬†ūüôā