Pastor’s Email Blast for 10/7, “Jesus’ Incarnation Secures for Us Life, Forgiveness, and Healing”, Trinity 19

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Jesus’ Incarnation Secures for Us Life, Forgiveness, and Healing


The Lord does not require us to ascend to Him; in mercy He descends to us (Gen. 28:10–17). The ladder in Jacob’s dream was not for climbing; it was the means by which the Lord came to bless Jacob. This event finds its fulfillment in Christ who descended from His throne to save and bless us. By His incarnation He is the eternal bridge between heaven and earth. “The Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins” (Matt. 9:1–8). The Lord was present in the flesh to absolve the paralytic. Jesus also healed and restored this man’s body. “For where there is forgiveness of sins, there is also life and salvation” (Small Catechism). The Lord still has power on earth to forgive sins. In holy absolution He raises up the new man (Eph. 4:22–28) and bestows the healing medicine which will bring about our resurrection on the Last Day. Thus we say with Jacob, “This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven!” (Gen. 28:17)


HOLY COMMUNION is celebrated today. Mindful of the Scriptural teaching concerning church fellowship, we practice Closed Communion. This means we invite to The Lord’s Table communicant members in good standing of this congregation or another congregation in official fellowship with the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. ALL GUESTS are asked to speak with the pastor or elder on duty before the service before coming to The Lord’s Table. If you have not spoken with one of them, please do not come forward at this time. If you would like to learn more about the loving and biblical practice of Closed Communion, we encourage you to read the brochure in the chair-pocket and talk with the pastor. Please register for communion on the pew pad.

Prayers for the week: *Junker’s friend, Lori Seelman, cancer. *Susan Folkmann’s aunts, Connie Mavroudis and Christine Felter, cancer. * Tammy Bailey’s father’s health. * Bert Whitmire, health. * Rick Nyman’s niece, Elizabeth, cancer. * The Whitmire’s neighbor, Russ Wheat, cancer.

*If you would like a prayer in the bulletin, please call or email pastor by Thursday*For pastoral emergencies and care, please call me at 972-802-0444.


In support of Frisco Family Services food pantry, a collection basket has been placed at church as a convenient place to leave donations.  A “current needs” shopping list is available to assist you with your shopping, but any food items are welcome.  We will make regular drop-offs at the food pantry as donations are received.  Thank you for helping!


Issues, etc. Conference at Faith, Plano, November 9-10th
This a great conference that you would appreciate and benefit from. You can register online and see more information here: (Paper registration forms in the narthex.) Childcare is provided. If you register, please sign-up in the narthex so we can coordinate transportation and see who is attending.


YOUR DAILY LUTHERAN BIBLE CLASS…Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show and podcast produced by Lutheran Public Radio in Collinsville, IL and hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken.  This week’s teachings include: The Rich Man and Lazarus, Coveting, Martin Luther on Isaiah, Moses and the Burning Bush and more.  You can listen live or at your convenience at and on the LPR mobile app.


Ordering More Hymnals: We are in the process of ordering more hymnals for our services. If you would like to purchase a hymnal in memory or honor of someone, which would be noted on the inside cover, please speak with an elder or email

Chuck Tontz is looking for a local room to rent for 6-12 months before moving to WI. If you know of anything, please let him know.

Stewardship: Ephesians 4:24 – “Put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.” The battle between the old self in Adam and the new self in Christ is fought in the heart and mind of every Christian. Paul encourages us to put on the new man that is created in the image of God. Our sanctification, our growth in godliness, is a growth into God’s image. We do this by keeping our eyes on Christ and imitating Him in everything: in love, in kindness, in self-giving generosity.

Adult Catechesis: If you know someone who would like to learn more about what we as Lutherans believe, please have them contact Pastor.

Building Fund: If you would like to contribute to the fund, please write, “Building Fund” on your check/envelope along with the amount.

HELP NEEDED! With our new location we are looking for a few good men to serve as Trustees. Help us take care of our new facility and plan for the future. Additionally, we are looking for a Financial Secretary. If you can help serve, talk to any Council Member or Elder.

Don’t forget to check the Church Calendar on the website for up to date activities and times.


Pastor Clint Stark

St. John Lutheran Church

Frisco, TX