Pastor’s Email Blast 5/4, “Jesus Is Ascended, but Not Absent”

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Join us Sunday for Divine Service at 9:30 a.m.  – Ascension Picnic to follow

****Restrooms are repaired and working. Thank you for your patience.***

Jesus Is Ascended, but Not Absent

On the fortieth day after His resurrection, our Lord ascended to the right hand of the Father. But although Jesus is hidden from your eyes, He is not absent from you. For He now fills all things in heaven and on earth. He continues “to do and to teach” (Acts 1:1), preaching repentance and forgiveness of sins through those sent in His name (Mark 16:14–20; Luke 24:44–53), giving you His true body and blood in the Supper. Jesus is your great Elijah who pours out on you a double portion of His Spirit in the Word and the Sacraments (2 Kings 2:5–15). He is Lord over all things for the sake of the Church. He whom heaven cannot contain has raised your human nature to share fully in the glory of God. You who believe and are baptized into Christ’s body are already sitting in the heavenly places; for you are in Him who is at the Father’s right hand. When He comes again in the clouds on the Last Day, you also will appear with Him in glory. 


Seasonal Emphasis: The State of Exaltation

Today’s General Theme: Jesus’ Ascension to the Father

Mood of Service: Jubilant/triumphant/majestic

SERVICE NOTES: Forty days after His resurrection, our Lord gathered His disciples on a hillside in Galilee and after final instructions, left this world with His visible presence and reascended to His native heaven. It is important to note that ascension refers to the exalted human nature of Jesus, for this is a major source of comfort for us. He Who sits at the right hand of the Father in eternity is still one with us. He did not discard His human nature, but took it with Him! The Introit proclaims the ascension, then quotes God from the Psalm decreeing the exaltation of His Son. We pray in the Collect that we may be united with our ascended Lord by faith. The Gradual is that of the Easter season and refers both to the resurrection and ascension of Jesus. The Verse has the standard Easter opening and then repeats the Lord’s promise to be with us always, first given at His ascension. The Proper Preface for the Ascension calls on us to join in the praise of Him Who has overcome death and ascended that He might share with us His glory.

Liturgical notes

Paraments remain white, symbolizing the glory and holiness of our exalted Savior. The Paschal candle [The Elders are working on getting us one at SJLC] should be lighted prior to the time the worshipers enter the nave. Then, at the reading of the Acts account of the Ascension, it is extinguished. It may be put out either at the reading of the exact words, “He was lifted up and a cloud…” or it may be extinguished following the entire lesson. Another alternate would be to carry the candle from the chancel, still lighted if its size permits. Then it would be extinguished away from the sight of the congregation. This would symbolize that although He is no longer visibly present with us, He still lives and reigns as God and Savior. (

Preparing for Worship: For those preparing to receive The Lord’s Supper, please refer to p. 328 in the hymnal. Prayers for worship are located on the first page of the hymnal.

Lord’s Supper:  Christ gives His body and blood in the Sacrament for the forgiveness of sins.  Those who are in fellowship with the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod are welcome to Holy Communion.  Others we ask that you wait until our pastor can review with you the Gospel and the Lord’s Supper.

Prayers for the week:

* Thanksgiving for our new building and that the plumbing is fixed. * Bert Whitmire, health issues. * Ron Martinez’ sister, Nancy. * Rick Nyman’s niece, Elizabeth Nyman, recovering from surgery and cancer. Also, his friends, Howie and Jan—Jan has advanced cancer. * The Whitmire’s neighbor, Russ Wheat, who has advanced cancer.

*If you would like a prayer in the bulletin, please call or email pastor by Thursday*For pastoral emergencies and care, please call me at 972-802-0444.


Ascension Potluck Picnic at the Park: WHEN? SUNDAY after Divine Service, from when we get there until 1 p.m.
WHERE? Frisco Commons Park, Covered Pavilion #2 (8000 McKinney Rd, Frisco, TX 75034), just a couple blocks north of old town Frisco.
WHAT’S PROVIDED? Slow smoked with Lutheran love for 16+ hours beef brisket and pork, along with plates, napkins, and utensils.
WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Yourself, friends, family, lawn chairs if you have them, your drinks, and a side dish or dessert if you are able.
Come celebrate Christ’s Ascension with your Church family!


First SJLC Women’s Group Study and Fellowship scheduled for, Tuesday, June 5 @ 7 p.m. Come learn God’s Word (Bible Study and/or Book Club) from Pastor and enjoy the mutual conversation and consolation of others. At this first meeting we will also discuss other activities for the rest of the year.

Evening Bible Study coming…look for details soon.


Vacation Bible School Save the Date: June 6th: Information and registration forms on the table by the front door.


HELP NEEDED! With our new location we are looking for a few good men to serve as Trustees. Help us take care of our new facility and plan for the future. Additionally, we are looking for a Financial Secretary. If you can help serve, talk to any Council Member or Elder.


Human Care Group: Want to be available to make a meal, give a ride, and such, to a fellow member in a time of need? Speak with an elder to sign-up to be on our human care volunteer group list.


Pastor Clint Stark

St. John Lutheran Church

Frisco, TX